Why You Should Use Fathom Analytics Instead of Google Analytics to Track Traffic

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Why You Should Use Fathom Analytics | Cris Roskelley.

Fathom is cookie-free, GDPR compliant, privacy-first website analytics software.

Fathom Analytics is a website analytics software designed with a focus on ethics and privacy. Fathom boasts a user-friendly interface, making it significantly more accessible and easy-to-use than Google Analytics.

Bottomline: If you are not tech-savvy, I highly recommend using Fathom instead of Google Analytics.

Why You Should Use Fathom

  • Fathom offers simple, straight-forward website analytics.
  • Fathom is focused on privacy for website visitors. They don’t track visitors and don’t save their personal information.
  • Fathom has thousands of customers and track tens of millions of page views per month. They may be a small company, but they’re doing big things.
  • Fathom can handle viral content without breaking a sweat, so your site won’t slow down because of them.
  • They’ve been featured in Fast Company as a great alternative to Google Analytics.

My agency website values your digital privacy. That’s why I also use Fathom: cookie-free and GDPR compliant website analytics. Fathom is trusted by Fortune 100s, banks, governments and companies of every size.

What I Need From You

If you decide to sign up with Fathom and are on my website maintenance or monthly SEO plan, please complete the following steps so I can integrate Fathom with your website:

  1. Sign up at Fathom Analytics
  2. Email me the embed codes.
  3. Sign in to your Fathom Account. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Sites,’ then click on your site name, then scroll down to ‘Site sharing’. Click Shared (no password).

Tracking Your Traffic With Fathom

After sign-up, you will be able to track your visitors, stats, and traffic by signing directly into your account on Fathom’s website. Depending on your service packages, I can also monitor your stats directly from your website’s backend dashboard.

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