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A new year brings an opportunity for reflection, for renewal, and for hope. We are reminded to believe in ourselves. Now is the time to find your fight… for whatever is your cause. Perhaps it’s for your marriage, or for your child’s right to receive the individualized services s/he needs, or for your voice in today’s political climate, or for your own emotional health. Now is not the time to give up.


Not Giving Up


Not giving up can be tiring. Pushing a boulder up a hill can be lonely, ungratifying, and feel like a relentless struggle. It also takes courage. It takes resilience. You are modeling to yourself, and others, that you can’t be broken. You are stronger than that.


What’s Your Struggle


Take some time to put your struggle into words. Reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t. What is moving the boulder, and what is pushing you backward?

What would feel supportive to you right now? Maybe you really are the only one who can have her hands on the boulder pushing with all her might… but is there someone else who could walk alongside you or offer some of their own muscle?

You aren’t alone. There are options for support. Perhaps it’s personal therapy, seeing friends more often, or hiring out some of the other tasks in your life to create more time to focus on and find resolution to your current struggle.

What’s your fight song… and are you going to listen to it?