Recession-Proof Your Marketing

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When I speak with private practice owners, many are only focusing on one area of marketing.

That is a risky approach.

Diversify Your Private Practice Marketing

If you have one marketing channel upon which you depend for referrals and that channel stops being productive, your private practice will be in trouble.

As the market is shifting, it’s time to adopt a recession-ready marketing plan which is fairly simple to do:

Diversify your marketing strategies.

If your primary marketing strategy dries up, such as:

– Your previously steady stream of referrals from one particular doctor stops
– Your favorite networking group on Facebook closes
– Your email campaign goes dry
– Your social media channel stops getting leads

… You need a way to keep your marketing machine humming.

Prioritize Your SEO Strategy

When business slows, it’s a natural (although ill-advised) inclination to cut your marketing budget first.

However, one of the most effective (and FREE) marketing strategies will still be available: getting free traffic from Google. Prepare your practice by developing your SEO ***now.***

If you put in the time and investment now, your practice will be far less dependent on the ebbs and flows of the economy and other marketing strategies. Your practice will be primed to get a steady stream of new referrals.

Grow Your Private Practice Reach

The best way to get more referrals is by diversifying your marketing strategies.

If you want to recession-proof your private practice, then it’s time for REACHSeo, my premier monthly SEO service for private practices.

Click here to learn more or click below to book a call with me to discuss your SEO strategy.

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