How To Take a Professional Headshot with an iPhone

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Your website should connect with your ideal client through the copy, design, and images. Your professional headshot is a primary opportunity to form connection and reflect your brand. No budget for a professional photographer? No problem!


Here are some tips for taking a professional headshot for your website with an iPhone:


  • Find a well-lit location: Natural lighting is often the best option for headshots, so try finding a spot near a window or outdoors in morning or late afternoon. Avoid using direct sun or flash, as it can create harsh shadows and red-eye.
  • Choose the right background: Think about your brand when choosing your background. Are you a walk-and-talk therapist? Pick a location outside. Is your ideal client corporate? A plain, neutral background will be the best choice. Are you a holistic therapist? Choose a textured natural background such as a tree trunk. Do you want to impart warmth and safety? Perhaps you want to be sitting on a cozy sofa or an inviting armchair with a fluffy blanket nearby. Is playfulness a big part of your work? Get some photos of you laughing or smiling wide. For everyone, avoid distracting or cluttered backgrounds. That means no leafy plants or trees in the background.
  • Wear your brand colors: Wear your brand colors, or include your brand colors in the background for a unified online presence.
  • Dress the part: Dress as your clients will see you. Do you normally wear eyeglasses when meeting with clients? Wear glasses in your photos. Do you bring lightheartedness and humor into your sessions? Include some more playful shots that could be included somewhere on your site.
  • Experiment with angles: Try taking the photo from different angles to find the most flattering one. For example, you might try taking the photo from slightly above or at a slight angle from the side. Try some photos where you are not looking directly at the camera. Try some full length photos, headshots (from shoulders to top of head), and 3/4 compositions (waist to top of head).
  • Exude approachability: No photos with arms crossed. No sunglasses. Your clients want to feel a connection with you.
  • Use the self-timer or a tripod: To avoid camera shake and get a sharp photo, use the self-timer on your iPhone or a tripod to keep the camera steady.
  • Use these iPhone presets: First go to portrait, then select Contour Light (the third cube icon). Tap on the screen for a second, then use the slider that appears to make your exposure darker by dragging downward. Extend your arm as far as possible. Look directly where the camera is on top of the phone, then take the shot.
  • Edit the photo: Open up your selected photo by clicking on it. Click “edit.” Select Filters then “dramatic” lighting. Then click Adjust and go to the “highlights” icon. Slide to the left a little to reduce any hot spots. Then select the Noise Reduction and increase it a little to impart a bit more energy/blur to your photo. Then select the first cube icon “contour light” to add some drama. Then crop and zoom your photo – and voila!

Overall, the key to taking a professional headshot with an iPhone is to pay attention to lighting, background, and angles, and to use the editing tools to touch up the final photo. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to get great results.


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