How To Create Additional Streams of Income for Therapists

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Build additional streams of revenue as a therapist

Are you a therapist interested in building an additional stream of revenue? Whether you are looking for an additional active income stream (trading time for money) or building a new passive income stream (earning income while being hands-off), there are several ways that therapists can build additional streams of revenue.


Active Streams of Revenue Ideas for Therapists


  • Become an online adjunct instructor at a local university. Try reaching out to your own graduate program.
  • Teach local workshops: Consider offering a workshop on topics related to your area of expertise. This can be a great way to share your knowledge with others and generate income at the same time.
  • Consult with organizations: Many organizations are looking for guidance on mental health and wellness issues. Consider offering your expertise as a consultant to these organizations.
  • Rent out your office space: If you have a private practice and have an extra office space, you could consider renting it out to other therapists or professionals who need a place to see their clients.
  • Get paid speaking gigs: Try contacting places where you have attended trainings. You can also look up hashtags like #presenterswanted.
  • Create and promote products: Attend in-person events such as renting a booth at professional conferences where you can promote your products.
  • Promote referral codes & affiliate links more in Facebook or Instagram stories

Passive Streams of Revenue Ideas for Therapists


  • Create an online course or webinar: Think about the most common questions, topics, struggles you hear from your ideal clients. Create a mini course or a longer webinar on topics related to your area of expertise then create a storefront on your website. This can be a great way to share your knowledge with others and generate income at the same time.
  • Write ebooks: If you have a particular area of expertise, you might consider writing an ebook that you can sell on your website
  • By diversifying your income streams, you can help to stabilize your financial situation and increase your overall income as a therapist.

Get A Website That’s A Marketing Machine


Your marketing strategy should start with the single most important marketing tool for your practice: A great website. A great website should capture your voice, showcase your brand, attract your ideal clients, and create the foundation for a powerful marketing strategy… including marketing your passive streams of income.

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