Case study: Blue boat counseling

Launching a new group practice

How Cris Roskelley developed a website and marketing strategies to help a client build a thriving group practice.

Blue Boat Counseling was building a new group practice and looking to establish an effective online presence.

With my three phase approach, I created a design and marketing strategy to set them up for long-term success.

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About blue boat counseling

Blue Boat Counseling is a Columbus OH counseling group practice specializing in depression and anxiety treatment for adults and teens, family and couples counseling, and PTSD treatment.

The Challenge

Blue Boat Counseling came to me after a disastrous web design experience with a different agency. As a new group practice with multiple clinicians, Blue Boat Counseling needed to scale quickly, establish an effective online presence built to drive traffic, and engage and connect with their ideal clients.



Like a tree, a private practice needs air, water, and energy to reach its three growth phases:

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I breathe fresh air into your private practice by defining a professional brand that feels like you. More than a tagline, logo, or color palette, a brand is your ethos. Let the world know who you are, and attract your best-fit clients.


brand purpose

This therapist client had a good understanding of their brand purpose: to help you feel better and get your life back so you can BE YOU.


ideal client

I then created focused therapy marketing strategies to drive engagement and client retention.


brand promise

We then focused on their brand promise to craft an outstanding client experience which builds loyalty and drive business.


brand identity

I built this group practice therapist website design integrating their pre-existing logo, tagline, typography, and colors to reflect their brand.
Mac Connor | Connor Counseling Services Case Study | GrowingREACH


I develop mouth-watering WordPress websites with the option of writing your SEO-optimized website copy that captures your voice, attracts your ideal clients, and creates the foundation for a powerful marketing strategy.



I assisted Blue Boat Counseling with writing their website copy with my easy DIY content creation templates. Their content was then maximized to connect and resonate with their ideal clients through SEO-optimized site design.



I hand-selected images to evoke emotion and connection. The images serve to create a cohesive story throughout their website leading to relevant and specific calls-to-action to increase client retention.


I accelerate your website’s reach through website maintenance and support to protect your most valuable asset.


website maintenance

Blue Boat Counseling signed up for my monthly website maintenance and support package so that I protect their website and post their monthly blogs while they focus on their important client work.

“The most important piece of our marketing strategy.”

The investment was absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend your design services. The process of working with you was so streamlined, you’re very easy to work and communicate with, and the timeline to get the site launched was unbelievably fast. We can’t thank you enough.


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