Case study: Connor Counseling Services

Growing a new practice

How I developed branding and marketing strategies to help a freshly minted therapist build a thriving practice.

Connor Counseling Services was new to private practice and looking to establish an effective online presence quickly.

With my three phase GrowingREACH marketing approach, I created a branding and marketing strategy to set up his practice for success.

Mac Connor | Connor Counseling Services Case Study | GrowingREACH

About Connor Counseling Services

Client Mac Connor is a licensed mental health counselor and addiction specialist who was transitioning from agency work to a private practice: Connor Counseling Services.

The Challenge

As a new small business, Connor Counseling Services needed to fill his calendar, quickly establish an effective online presence built to drive traffic, engage and connect with his ideal client, and grow his email list.



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I breathe fresh air into your private practice by defining a professional brand that feels like you. More than a tagline, logo, or color palette, a brand is your ethos. Let the world know who you are, and attract your best-fit clients.


brand purpose

I first identified our client’s brand purpose to understand the “why” behind his private practice which informs the birth of a brand.


ideal client

By developing the client’s ideal client avatar, I was then able to create focused marketing strategies to drive engagement and client retention.


brand promise

I then focused on our client’s brand promise to craft an outstanding client experience which builds loyalty and drive business.


brand identity

I created a compelling logo, tagline, typography, and color palette to reflect the client’s brand and resonate with his target audience.

Mac Connor | Connor Counseling Services Case Study | GrowingREACH


I develop mouth-watering WordPress websites and write your SEO-optimized website copy that captures your voice, attracts your ideal clients, and creates the foundation for a powerful marketing strategy.



My client supplied his own website copy with the help of our easy DIY content creation template. His content was then maximized to connect and resonate with his ideal clients through SEO-optimized site design.



I hand-selected images to evoke emotion and connection. The images serve to create a cohesive story throughout his website leading to relevant and specific calls-to-action to increase client retention.


lead magnet quiz

I created a fun and interactive lead magnet quiz for our client’s website targeting his ideal client to increase his lead generation quickly.


email marketing

I created an automated email marketing campaign to nurture the client’s leads, keep potential clients connected until they are ready to schedule, and establish him as an expert within his niche.



After signing up for our done-for-you monthly blogging and SEO services, I supercharged this new therapist’s website traffic and visibility.


I offer personalized support to help you clarify your niche, build an effective marketing machine, and grow a thriving practice.



I offered marketing coaching to help my client clarify his niches, refine his brand messaging, and target his ideal client through an ongoing marketing campaign.

Lead Magnet Quiz for Connor Counseling Services Case Study | GrowingREACH

“Worth every penny!”


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