Do you need help attracting the right clients?

Your brand lets the world know who you are and ensures you attract your best-fit clients. We’ll help you get clear about who you are, who you’re serving, and how to look good while doing it so your practice grows from sprout to thriving evergreen.

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Why is branding so important, anyway?

Let’s play a little game.

We’re going to say a word or phrase and you’re going to say (yes, out loud) the first brand that comes to mind. The aim is to move down the list as fast as you can! Ready? Let’s go –

1.  Just do it
2. Dark colored, fizzy drink
3. Online shopping company that sells everything
4. Search engine with primary colors
5. Social network featuring a bird
7. French fries and golden arches
7. Maker of sleek mobile phones and laptops
8. Queen of the talk show

That, friends, is what we like to call (drum roll, please)…


The Power of Branding

the roots your private practice needs to grow



Even though this little game was essentially random words and phrases that could be attached to numerous answers, we’ll bet a pack of Oreos that your brain automatically pulled up one specific brand for each one (helloooo, Apple). You can likely picture each brand in your head… the logo, the colors, the specific way that brand talks, the way it makes you feel, or the thing it does really well.



Nailing your brand involves understanding who your ideal client is, their most pressing concerns, and how you can help. Your brand messaging then becomes a marketing roadmap to turn ideal clients into paying customers.



No matter the size of your practice, we are here to grow big, tall, well-rooted brands that have done their homework, solidified their personalities, know who they are talking to, and want to be landing front of mind and tips of tongues.

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Branding Services | Cris Roskelley

Welcome to REACHBranding

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
– Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

So, what does it look like to grow a brand?

Here’s what is included



This is the ‘what you do’ and ‘why’ of your brand, in a short and snappy sentence. We cultivate your positioning statement to help keep your practice on your unique path towards more (and ideal) clients.



Your brand messaging makes clients relate to your brand through inspirational, persuasive, and motivational content. Brand messaging turns potential clients into paying clients. We nail your brand messaging to help your website copy blossom and to lay the foundation for all future marketing content.



While a logo is what everyone thinks of when they think ‘branding,’ the most effective logos are grown from the seeds of deeper brand strategy. We design logos that will be the face of your brand and represent the care you offer to your clients in your practice.



Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, font selection, and color palette that identify and distinguish a brand to your audience. Consistent messaging leads to consistent brand identity and, therefore, consistent sales. We know how to grow a far-reaching brand.


How It Works


Start by filling in this handy little form so we can get the ball rolling to learn more about you and your needs.


We’ll schedule a free 30-minute call to meet’n’greet and answer any questions before preparing your quote.


You’ll receive your custom proposal outlining how we’ll get you where you want to grow – then the fun begins! 

“I invested in the entire branding package and couldn’t be happier. Great work!”

– Rick Pomfret, PsyD, Therapy4Men


What creates a successful brand?

Download this free guide to learn the five key steps you need to create a successful brand.


Branding Questions?

Why do I need a brand?

The big question! A brand is more than a logo. A well-crafted brand provides the strategy for all of your marketing efforts and helps you attract and connect with your best-fit clients.

Branding helps you figure out who your ideal client is and conveys how you can help their specific pain points. Without a solid brand and marketing strategy, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money just shouting into the ether hoping your ideal clients somehow find you.

When you know who you are talking to, where to find them, what problem you’re solving, how you’re solving it, and how to look good doing it, you’re ready to grow.

How will a brand help me get more clients?

A ‘brand’ is about way more than just a logo and colors.

Your brand defines the way you present your practice to the world, the way you interact with your potential clients, and the problem you’re trying to solve.

Your branding are the roots of your marketing strategy. When you’re clear on your brand and present it clearly, you’ll attract your ideal clients.

You won’t attract your ideal clients if you don’t know how to reach them, what they dream about, what they struggle with, and how to connect them.

Can I just get a logo without the other stuff?

You can, but that’s not going to do too much for you. Let’s grow a business, not a logo.

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