What creates a successful brand?

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Why does my private practice need to have a brand identity?

It’s a common misconception that a brand identity is just a logo or visual design elements. Your brand identity is more than just a logo.

Your branding helps you to convey your practice and your story to the world. A great brand identity will help clients to recognize you instantly.

Telling the story of your brand goes far beyond an attractive color palette and a distinctive logo. Brand identity encompasses visual, linguistic and strategic communication between you and your target audience.

Download my free guide to learn about the five key steps that your brand needs to have in place to set you on the right path to having a strong brand identity.


Learn why strategy has a key influence on your brand identity and how it should always be the first step in your process
Understand how to tell your brand’s story and why a great story will help your customers to engage with your practice
Discover why knowing your audience is crucial to engaging your customers and how to create an ideal customer avatar
See how important the visual identity and design elements of your brand are when you want to make a great first impression
Learn about brand style guides and how these provide a visual reference for how your branding is used across different mediums

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