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Being A Therapist Is Your Calling, But What Happens When You Need Support?



You aren’t just a therapist. You are a wife, mom, and daughter of aging parents. Wearing so many hats can leave you drained, anxious,  and needing support. Yet it’s hard to find a therapist as a therapist. You already have professional relationships with the therapists in your community. You also have the professional training plus insight into your own issues… so how could someone else help? Just because we are therapists doesn’t mean we don’t face our own issues or struggle in our own relationships. Sometimes we need support too, and personal therapy can help.

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With in-person or online video sessions, you get the discretion you want, the support you need, and the flexibility that works for you. Video therapy is convenient, effective, flexible, and discreet. No travel time means you can get more done in your day, then curl up on your own couch when it’s time for your therapy session. Several studies have shown that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. You are not limited to a therapist in your geographical location, and you won’t run into a former client or colleague in a waiting room.

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The Therapist's Therapist

Being a therapist is your calling, but what happens when you need support?